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Help me complete this story. Open for 24 hours

Hello everybody! This week for the writing challenge, I have to get feedback from readers to complete one of my short stories. This is part of my main character’s childhood: period that shape their character. It’s your turn to help me … Continue reading

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April 24 Daily Prompt: Clone Wars

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities? This is an easy one. If I could clone myself, I would split out the career woman from the writer woman. I do not have enough time in … Continue reading

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Reflection Wednesday: Are You Honestly Living or Just Surviving?

When I saw this last night, this young man reminded me why I started on this journey. It has always been a dream of mine, taking my talent to the next level. One of my dearest wishes is being able … Continue reading

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April 3 Daily Prompt: Escape!

Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from). My ultimate escape plan is to run from the world on my private jet to a beautiful private island, spend my days reading and writing without interruption. Hanging … Continue reading

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April 1 Daily Prompt: The Social Network

Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are? I used to think social media is a waste of time. I remember it took me years … Continue reading

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