Health Care

Short stories that will be posted here are inspired by the struggles of people around me. Stay current on my latest updates by following my blog. I will post about them as I complete them.

Health and wellness are the responsibility of the individual. Unfortunately, education and resources are not equally distributed across the country.

Disease Prevention

Routines check ups are important in disease prevention. Usually, vital signs are checked. Labs and urine collected for routine testing.

It starts with newborns, progresses to yearly checks. Most healthy adults see their physicians yearly. Scheduling around a birthday or other meaningful dates can be helpful for those unable to keep track. Physicians consulted depends on the age of the individuals. Young people in their 20s mostly see primary care physician, dentist, ophthalmologist.  Add gynocologist for females. The American Cancer Society recommend yearly mammograms for women at the age of 40s. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends regular colon screenings around the age of 50 for the prevention of cancer.

Insurance Coverage

Physical Activity

Year after year, the opportunity for physical activities have decreased. Most people drive or they take public transportation to get around. Gone are the days when children can play outside their front door, run around outdoors for hours or visit friends by walking over their house.

Children used to have the opportunity for physical activity during the recess. In the past, it was taken away. Once again, physical activity is encouraged.

Children & Adolescent Health

Women’s Health

Men’s Health

Future Trends

In addition to all the resources provided on this blog, you can also check out Healthy People 2020 for topics, objectives and interventions.

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