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Throwback Thursday: The Boy Bands

One of the radio DJs was talking about Backstreet Boys and advice they can give to Justin Bieber since they have been in business for 20 years. I was like OMG! Stop the car! What? 20 years?!? Really?!? I feel … Continue reading

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April 21 Daily Prompt: Critical Eye

Write about the subject you usually blog about as if you were a music critic. Music may sound like cacophony to the person unfamiliar with a particular genre. You hear different sounds, different instruments, different arrangement. Every new artist wants … Continue reading

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April 2013 Playlist

I have been facing this crazy week by listening to music. It is what I do during high anxiety and high stress periods. I talk about how I make my selections for music therapy here. It keeps me grounded. Writing is … Continue reading

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Music Therapy

From time to time, I enter what I call “music therapy.” It’s a time during which I have a song on repeat. It is invaluable during high anxiety or high stress. I would play the same song over and over … Continue reading

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Is Any Publicity Good Publicity?

Mr Chris Brown is in the news once again. Let me start from the beginning. Way back when he was first popular, I was a fan of the new kid. I loved his music, his dance moves rocked, his story … Continue reading

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The Oscars 2013

Every year, the entertainment industry from directors to screenwriters to actors receive their report card in the form of the Academic Awards now officially called the Oscars. It gives the celebrities a chance to dress up and tap each other … Continue reading

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