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Boston Manhunt Over: Exhale!

I can actually breathe tonight. I did not realize how tensed and emotionally drained I was until now. I have a lot going on with school, work and life balance. I am preparing end of semester “dump” of stuff and … Continue reading

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In the News: Dental patients possibly exposed to Hepatitis, HIV

I was watching a television coverage by CNN on the case: Testing begins for dental patients possibly exposed to Hepatitis, HIV – It was horrifying to watch the news coverage and read this article because these are the things I … Continue reading

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Snow in the Spring

I walked out this morning to heavy snowfall. Here I am, with coat, hat gloves, shoveling snow at the end of march! Time and time again, meteorologists get it wrong. Since it’s already spring, I figured their prediction this time … Continue reading

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Newsweek Malajustment

Open letter to Newsweek magazine, I read two journals religiously: New York Times and Newsweek. New York Times is already digital. Recently, Newsweek went digital. My last print magazine was Dec 31st, 2012. Here it is: I have been a … Continue reading

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American Airlines Boarding Experiment

I just saw this NBC News post American Airlines boarding experiment rewards fliers without carry-ons. When I first posted about the carry-on issue here, I didn’t realize it was an industry problem. It was simply my observation and inconvenience as a traveler. … Continue reading

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In the News: Nurse refuses to perform CPR

As I am scrolling through my Facebook page, I came across the ABC News headline about a nurse refusing to perform CPR for a resident who was having trouble breathing at a facility. Apparently, it is company policy to just … Continue reading

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