Live and Learn Saturday: Duke & Durham, NC

The visit itself was so much fun. The travel itself was not a great experience with the airlines. I talked about the arrival flight here and I will post about the return later.

1. Duke University School of Medicine

I got a chance to visit the new School of Medicine building. I have been to the old one but the new one is totally fabulous. The functionality and the technology integrated in this building is first class. Below is the picture of a sticky note pad. I thought that was cool gift. Specially for a writer like me who write a million things per day on sticky notes. You can read about the official details and see pictures here.


Notepad. Gift from Duke University School of Medicine

Breakfast was served downstairs. On one of upper floors, students were presenting their research. On another one, I had the chance to watched demonstration in the stimulation laboratory. Below is a nasogastric tube insertion. There are many different medical simulators.  The Harvey model has just left the building and a new guy just came in. Other simulators included mother/baby, an operating room, an intensive care simulators. Also virtual simulations set up. These lab are used by the medical and nursing students.


Nasogastric tube insertion. Simulation laboratory.

2. Les Duke Medsérables

In the evening, I attended the Medsérables which is a twist on Les Misérables which I will review here after I watch it. It was about a poor medical student deciding which branch of medicine to specialize in. The student actors/singers did a fantastic job. The adaptation was well done, funny, witty. I would buy it if it is sold.


Duke Medsérables Show. It was hilarious!

3. Duke Chapel

Coming out of the auditorium, the Chapel is standing nearby. I went in for a visit. I always though it was a Catholic church. It is not but there is a Catholic Mass in the evening on sundays. According to their site, Duke Chapel is an interdenominational Christian community formed by the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. The Chapel does indeed include symbols of many different relations. You can read about the details here.


Duke Chapel

4. Dinning In Town

The first night for dinner, we went to a local restaurant. We chose Piazza Italia, located in downtown Durham, NC. The food was totally amazing and the service was great. I was craving lobster so I ordered the seafood feast with scallops, shrimps and lobster. It was my last “meat” meal and it was worth it. One of the owners was at the next table and asked if I would come back. I answered that I would come back. If you are ever in Durham, try it.


The next night, we went to Lilly’s Pizza where we ordered the vegetarian pizza called The Aristrocrats. All their pies have creative names that do not tell you anything about the food which I find funny. According to their menu, The Aristocrat is made with extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic, cremini mushrooms, sharp cheddar, mozzarella, roasted organic tomatoes, roasted organic yellow onions, roasted potatoes & parmesan. I love the small restraurant, family friendly atmosphere. The artwork all over the walls is undescribable. I should have taken pictures. We had a great time.

5. Al Buehler Trail

In order to burn all the good food, we went to Al Buehler Trail. It was very well attended by people. There were many students, faculty and community members with their family. I saw some children riding their bikes. Some people running, some walking. Others brought their dogs. A couple of the hills were pretty steep, specially on the way down (most people walk it up). At certain areas, you can see the Duke Golf Course.


Al Buehler Trail

I hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures of Durham, NC. I will take more pictures at my next visit. I blogged about meeting with a stranger while in town.

Since you did not get to watch the Medsérables musical like I did, I will leave you with this classroom musical. One of my favorite pranks!

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