Special Feature Tuesday: Nurses Week

This week is Nurses Week. I will start by honoring my mother who is a nurse. She will always be the best nurse ever in my book. Hands down. She is the reason I felt in love with the health care field. The one thing about having a mom who is a nurse is that I never got to stay home for a sick day. She fixes all your aches and pains in time to make it to school by the first bell. The one time I missed school is because I had the chicken pox and the director sent me home with an order not to return until I was cleared by a doctor. Of course, her testimony was the clearance to get me back in school the following week.

Have you every been in a hospital or a clinic? Do you require long time care due to self, parents or child care? Nurses are awesome and they do amazing things every day. Most people have a list of duties and responsibilities upon hire. As a nurse, it has become an endless pit with tasks dropped in depending on the patient’s need. At times, they can spend a shift without a bathroom break or a bite to eat. Yet, they will show up the next day to care for you and your loved ones.

Nurses wear so many hats: they are the greeters, the make feel-betters, the secretaries of xplaining stuff, the pill-givers, the blood-drawers, the comforters, the constant-guards, the cheerleaders, the religious-stand-in, the counselor, the therapists, the advisor. They read, they assess, they medicate, they teach, they educate, they answer questions, they deal with families and others, they hunt doctors, pharmacists, social workers, culinary staffers, suppliers, housekeeping, transports, computer guys, respiratory; they call the labs, they watch you pee, they watch you poop, they give enemas, they clean your bodily fluids: your pee, your blood, your vomit, your poop, your wounds, you name it; they give you your bath, dress you, do your hair, put lipstick, they monitor your heart, your blood, your lungs, your kidneys, your blood sugar, your bladder, your bowels, your uterus, your muscles (range of motion, post-op), your brain (that annoying light to follow); they sit with you, talk to you, care for you; they birth your baby, assess and care for the kid, help you with feedings, changings and sleepings;  at some point, they do send you home. Yes, I put it all into one sentence because a nurse can and will do many (at times, all) those things for you in just one hospital visit. They will care for you from the beginning to the end of your life.

I can tell you they are not always treated right. It is not fair and it is not right. I have seen so many nurses get yelled at, hollered at, lashed out at, threatened, hit, kicked, pushed away, spit on, discriminated against, belittled, harassed, hunted, followed, ridiculed and the list go on… To be honest, I have seen also many more nurses receive small gifts like food for the unit, cards, hugs, compliments, flowers to show appreciation. So yes, their work and their time is valued.

So next time you see nurse, give him or her a pat on the back, tell them good job and thank you. This is one of those things they never get enough. Every single day, they put their heart on the line to care for you and your loved ones.

Thank you to all nurses out there for your hard work!


To all nurses, did I cover it all? I tried to get as much in as I could think about what nurses do around me. Add in comments what else I have forgotten.

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