April 29 Daily Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson

National Poetry Writing Month is nearly at at end. To celebrate it, try your hand at some verse.

I found this old poem while looking through my files for this. I want to clean it up a little bit, clean the language, make it rhyme. I guess it was the anger that drove me. lol… I will keep it permanently on my blog and you can see if it updated here. Enjoy!

I wish… oh boy, do I wish

I wish I could go back in time and change the past,
I know exactly to what moment I would rewind the clock.
I wish I could go back to that very first phone call,
I would simply hit “ignore” instead of picking it up.

I wish I could take back all the time that I wasted,
Damn, the phone calls, the travels, the fights weren’t even worth it!!
I wish I knew then what I finally know now (no thanks to you)
“I can change” and “I changed” were all a part of a much bigger lie.

I wish that I never met you, that our paths never crossed.
Well, actually, no, it left me with a fabulous story to tell.
I wish I didn’t want to believe in this “man of the church”
What do you actually say in your prayers, I wonder.

And now, you say this is all my fault, that I crossed the line.
Wait a minute! What did I do wrong? I don’t understand.
I didn’t ask to be in this! I was minding my own business!
M**F**ing coward can’t even take the blame at the end of this sh*t!

Dear God, I know I can’t go back in time to make this one change.
I am just glad that the truth is finally out and he is gone for good.
I thank you for this experience, another lesson learned in life.
Fortunately, it did come along with many great friends for me.

But still, boy, oh boy do I wish I could go back in time.
Yes, b*tch, I’ve been sooo over you a long time!
You should have stayed away instead of giving it a last try,
I remembered this: “All that glitters is not gold”
You made a mistake: you underestimated me,
You were wrong on my profile: you never really knew me after all…

Written by me.
To a super fantastic A**ole in the past.

Do you think I should change anything? Let me know. Good? Bad? It is the first time I am publishing this. Feedback is always appreciated… I hope to find the other one good poem I have to share.

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About Nadeen Chrystal Davis

I am Nadeen Chrystal Davis, an aspiring fiction author. I am in the process of writing of novel that I hope to publish by next summer. In the meantime, I will be sharing some short stories. In this blog, I will talk about the writing process, about the ups and downs, about anything that catches my attention throughout my day. Feel free to comment: I want to hear from you. Read more about me on my blog: nadeendavisblog.wordpress.com... Hello and welcome!
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9 Responses to April 29 Daily Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson

  1. Linda says:

    Not sure the rude language is necessary. In fact, it’s a little repulsive. Stick with the theme that the person you met wasn’t meant for you. And hopefully, the anger has subsided and you have learned something from the experience of being involved with this person who wasn’t right for you.

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  6. Indira says:

    I agree with Linda, but sometimes you can’t control your self so better out with it.

    • Thanks for the visit. I appreciate the feedback. I will edit it. It was pure anger. I think it took me a couple hours to write this one. Once I calm down, I can’t channel the emotions so that is why I have not edited it yet. lol…

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