Motivation Sunday: Start with a Good Idea

Disney has been mentioned around me all week. First, a family member called me to talk about a Disney World vacation. Next, I heard Suli Breaks talk about Steve Jobs in one of his videos and mention the power of imagination. I posted about him here. The picture below came to mind. The next day, I heard the announcement on the radio that Disney Parks in Orland and California will be open 24 hours on May 24th. People were so excited about it and looking forward to the event. You can read it on the Huffington Post here. And tonight, Cinderella was on ABC Family. It is time to talk about the Disney magic.

Disney welcomes all, the young and the old alike. It is a magical place where you can escape and become whomever you want to be for the hour or for the day. As a little girl, I loved everything Disney. I thought I was a princess, I played tea, I thought my dolls were my friends. I did it all. I am sure I am not the only one. Millions others did the same thing. So kuddos to the marketing machine.

Then again, it got me thinking about the one who came up with the wall thing: Mr Walt Disney.  It all started with an idea, a dream, a vivid imagination. How many times in his life was he turned down? How many times was he told no? How many times was he ridiculed and put down? Yet, he believed in his idea. He held on, he made it work.

I am sure he faced failures in his life. Omg! Nadeen used to the word “failure”! (gasp) I know in the past I said it is a word that I will remove from my vocabulary. You can read all about it here. However, I am not the author of the picture below. Plus, I started this post before so I will finish the thought. Hey, I am not perfect here.

Today, I just want you to walk away knowing that you can achieve your dreams. You have to have a drive, come up with a plan. But remember, it all start with one idea. One good idea. (to be continued)


UPDATE: Motivation Sunday continues. You can read the following posts: Starting with a Good Idea, the importance of a Positive AttitudeCreating the Right Plan, Overcoming Obstacles and Going Beyond Failures.

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