Throwback Thursday: The Boy Bands

One of the radio DJs was talking about Backstreet Boys and advice they can give to Justin Bieber since they have been in business for 20 years. I was like OMG! Stop the car! What? 20 years?!? Really?!? I feel sooooo old right now. But that gave me the idea for today’s throwback post: boy bands!

As a teenager, I thought boy bands were a new phenomenon. I could not picture people like older family members and my teachers imitating cool new dance moves, collecting posters or drooling over the hot guys. Oh I have heard about some of their wild tales and Livestock. Ok, I still can’t imagine it. lol… The truth remains that no, boy bands are not new. And they keep coming back year after year. One fades, another one steps in.

One of the earlier boy bands that I heard a lot about are the Beatles. I have watched numerous videos, old footage and coverage about them. You can see the pandemonium they created everywhere they go. I think that is where the craziness started. The boys appeared calm and collecting. If they didn’t know what to expect, they definitely played it off well. I can’t forget the Jackson 5 during the same era. Little Michael Jackson was the rave. He was so cute and adorable. I’ve watched tapes of their performances on TV shoes, videos and interviews. Charming young men. Their dance moves were on point.

Then came New Edition and New Kids on the Block. That is when I was old enough to request certain magazines and read all I could about them. I try to convince my parents that I need to be part of a Fan Club. They were not buying all of that. I would play their music over and over again, screaming, waiting for them to show up on TV. I had cassettes at the time, record musci, interview etc that came on the radio.

Boyz II Men, Blackstreet Boys, Immature, 112, Jagged Edge, Dru Hill bring back memories of middle school and high school. I an sure I am missing some of my favorite artists. I started memorizing song lyrics, again with the dance moves. I was part of one of those music clubs when you get a certain number the first time for $1 or something and you buy 1 at full price per year or whatever. I went from playing cassettes to owning CDs. I owned probably close to 100. I never had posters on my wall because I loved a different song and a different artist every other week. I loved reading interviews in magazines. I had stickers, the bags, the notebook, the pens, etc. You name the merchandise and I wanted it.

Enter the area Backstreet Boys, *NSync, 98 degrees, Five. Hello iPods and digital media. It was a total different ball game. With the paparazzi, every move was put on blast. I was old enough to go to concerts, read tabloids, go online and read all I could about them.  We had MTV that actually played music videos. I watched the birth of Total Request Live (TRL) with Carson Daly as a host. It was fun to vote what we wanted. At the time, you could actually see the votes that you needed to get your artist’s video to win.

Lately, I hear about One Direction. I am not sure who else is out there. Most of the artists on the radio are not in groups. I do not really pay attention anymore to boy bands. I guess I grew up, I got old.

Any boy band experiences you want to share? Likes or dislikes? Other groups that I forgot to mention? I wanna hear it. I hope you enjoyed my Throwback Thursday post. Follow me to get the latest posts.

Next week: should I talk about TV shows next week? Cars? Hairstyles? Let me know what blast from the past you wanna hear about. In the mood for music? You can check out my April playlist.

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