Motivation Sunday: Overlooking the Obvious

As I drove into the parking garage, a lady in front of me was fussing with the machine because a parking ticket was not coming out. She pushed the help button and security allowed her in. Now it was my turn. I swiped my card, the gate went up and I drove in. I can see her talking and gesturing to her passenger, all upset. Distracted, she passed a great parking spot near the ground floor, across from the entrance. Honestly, I prayed that she overlooked it but I was so sure she would see it because it was right there! To my delight, she did overlook it and drove past it. Happy about the good fortune, I quickly pulled into the spot, parked the car, grabbed my bag and headed into the building. As I exited the garage, I can see her slowly circling the upper levels, looking for a space.

It made me wonder how many opportunities do we miss by getting upset over the small details, the small disappointments. The lady hit the ticket button numerous times, push the security assistance button but kept hitting the ticket button. I guess it is helpful to get the ticket if you do not want to pay the maximum rate and you want to prove your entry time. However, once it became obvious that she would not get one, she did not focus on the next task at hand: find a convenient space since you are now able to make it in.

When I reach a point of defeat or when things do not go exactly as planned, I evaluate why it did not work, what could I have done, what should be done next time, how can I fix this now or how do I move forward with it. After the defeat/disappointment period, there is a cool off period to regroup and refocus. Enough energy should be spent on the past to absorb the lesson. However, not too much time should be wasted on ALL the “what if“s that come along with it.

When I plan something, I plan to win but I also plan to fall. Basically, I go in with a Plan A, a Plan B and a Plan C. In addition, I go in with measures to make Plan A fail proof. It allows me to recover quicker, it allows me to change and adapt to the changing circumstances. Depends on how A is going, I can switch to Plan B or grab one of those “extra” fortifiers I had to make Plan A still work out.

So next time you find yourself angry and upset over the unexpected, do not loose focus on the big picture. Do not forget why you got involved on this path in the first place. Winners are not always the most courageous nor the loudest. Winners are those who persevere no matter what, looking for that chance to shine.

Does this make you see things in a different way? It made me think for a minute.

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3 Responses to Motivation Sunday: Overlooking the Obvious

  1. Nathalie T. says:

    Very profound and inspirational thoughts. Thank you, Nadeen! Many times I allow myself to be side tracked by the smallest disappointment and consequently miss out on a great opportunity starring right at me. As you mentioned, focusing on the end goal, perseverance, and proper planning are really the main ingredients for success…

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