Interfaith Service in Boston; Philly Runs in their Honor.

Boston, you will run again!

I am watching the interfaith service for victims in Boston. One thing about dealing with tragedies is that we Americans cannot sit there and just watch. We may not like each other, we may be critical or even hateful on our good days. Once disaster strikes, we unite and we face adversity. It does not matter what color your skin is, where are you from, what you do and what you cannot do. It is all about coming together to help, heal and support one another in whichever way we can. This is quintessentially THE American spirit. It was amazing to see the people running towards the blast to help each other.

It is great to see President Obama and First Lady Michelle attending the interfaith service. Both attended school in Boston. It is such an intellectual hub. I have visited there and I love the city. I think about how many “brains” are roaming around.

Boston is your hometown but we claim it too… You will run again. Of that I have no doubt: You will run again. Yes, you will run again! Because that’s what the people of Boston are made of” ~President Barack Obama.

The city of Boston is grieving today. We are all grieving because we know, deep down, it could have happened to any of our cities. Who goes to a sporting event like a marathon thinking about a terror attack. We cannot live in fear.


Philadelphia runs in honor of Boston.

I heard about this run in Philadelphia on the radio this morning. I cannot remember which station. It was listing the various locations. I just found the link on CBS blog. Runners in Philly are getting together to run tonight Thursday April 18th at 7pm. I am personally not a runner, I would walk or jog my way through with no problem though. Or I would have been at the finish line or volunteered if I was not working today. The best I can do for the cause is spread the word. So if you live in Philadelphia, you are a runner, you are available and you want to show support for Boston, here is your opportunity. More details on the Philadelphia Runner website.

Update: About 2,000 runners came out for the run, according to Q102.

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