April 18 Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why? If that seems too easy, try this one: who would you like to have spend a day as you and what do you hope they’d learn from the experience?

I recently talked about who I would love to be for a day here. I was going to post about someone being me for a day. Until I drove home and realized that I really would love to spend the day as one of my neighbors.

Their house is located a couple streets over and a couple blocks away from me. I pass it when I walk in the neighborhood or when I drive to and from work. It is in a very nice area. The house is not fenced, simply surrounded by shrubs and trees. It has a nice size and long driveway, allowing you to drive up and turn before you head back out into the streets. It accommodates multiple cars. During the day, I barely notice it. It is set in from the road a little bit, making it semi-private. However, once the lights are turned on at night, it turns into a million dollar mansion. Zillow has it estimated to about half a million.

The front of the house is made of all glass. Actually, it seems the entire first floor is made with glass walls. You can see the front door leading to a glass balcony or terrace area, all enclosed. From each corner of the house and from each color of the door, there are brass lanterns. They are the ones that allow me to see the house.

Through another door, you can enter the foyer, which leads into a living room area. Towards the back, you can see the family room on the right, the kitchen and dining area on the left. They have a nice living room set, beautiful warm and inviting colors. I want to say light green and soft red, burgandy-ish color with splashes of yellow gold matching the brass on the door. There are giant chandelier lights hanging from the ceiling, beautiful artwork on the walls, the gorgeous flowers in vases. The walls are beige, not sure if they are painted or covered with wall paper. The other inside rooms have regular walls. The other superior floors also have regular walls. I think the rest of the house is painted either white or off-white.

The house is really gorgeous. It is all about the little details. I have seen the people who live there a few times and they have waved hi as I walk past them. The woman takes care of the garden. There is no continuous sidewalk in front of their yard so that is why I am always across the street. They have large flat rocks, mimicking side walk. It is difficul to appear casual and check out the house while you try not to destroy their grass and keep your rhythm. Their yard does not appear that big to say it is a large property. The front seems cramped with the rocks, the driveway, the garden on the side and all the trees surrounding.

I wonder if they feel like they live in a fish bowl. I would love to own a house like that but only if it is fenced it. How do you a salesperson or unwanted company? You cannot see who it is and hide from them at the same time. lol… Plus, how much is the insurance on a house like that? What about hurricanes or snowstorms? I am not so sure that I want to own one of those babies. Maybe one day I will become friendly enough with them that they would invited in for a tour. I would love be them for a day.


How do you feel about a glass house? Do you own one? Ever considered one?

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