Lunch: Vegetable Roll sushi

Today, I picked up my allergies medication at the pharmacy located inside the hospital. My doctor sent an e-script last week during my visit. I take them during the spring and the fall. I am unable to keep up with dramatic temperature changes.

As I passed by the cafeteria, I noticed they were offering sushi as a special feature today. Every day, there is a special food. Since I gave up on meat, sushi is one if the things that I gave up. However, it smelled so good that I walked in to check it out.

Lunch hour is always busy. It was literally like an ant farm, people running to the left, others to the right, people racing to cashiers, workers grabbing a quick item. Slowly I made my way to the sushi bar. Either the hospital contacted a particular business to come in or they are a contracted to come in. The rolls were being made to order. There were so many varieties there. I looked on with envy …until I saw a sign for “vegetable roll.” Curious, I approached the counter. I asked the server about content, I made sure it was vegetable roll. Yes, I would have eaten a meat sushi but I preferred a vegetable if available. She assured me that it was vegetable, no meat.


It tasted fresh and delicious. I shared with one of the study group mates. She thought it was good too. I didn’t taste meat in it either. It was light, sweet and it hit the spot. All the things you want from a delicious lunch.

What was your delicious meal today?

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