Lifetime Sundays

About 6-7 years ago, I was working night shifts. I was working every weekend to earn extra money. One of the things that I look forward to about working fridays and saturdays nights is the free sundays. I used to wake up at noon to attend the afternoon mass and I relaxed at home the rest of the day or hang out with friends.

One of my friends is a big fan of Lifetime movies. She was working monday to friday at the time. Sundays were her relaxing days, dedicated to watching them. Sure enough, she got me into watching Lifetime every Sunday afternoon. It was like a series of bad romance or mystery books, all their endings very predictable. Some of the movies had about the same story line: woman facing hard times, man is a dog, nasty ex or new girlfriend, kid caught in the middle. Somebody saves the day at the end. Since there is a Lifetime movies channel now, they must be doing very well.

The funny thing about it was that I could not stop watching it, week after week. Nowadays, I do not have time for Lifetime movies. However, I am watching Dirty Dancing tonight. Old habits die hard. Go figure!

I must not to be the only one who actually likes the Lifetime channels. I like their movie adaptations of romance novels. I have seen many books that I have read on their channels. From time to time, I would do Hallmark channel too. As an inspiring author, I see these novels to TV movies as future opportunities.

Feel free to share favorite channels and TV movie adaptations.


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I am Nadeen Chrystal Davis, an aspiring fiction author. I am in the process of writing of novel that I hope to publish by next summer. In the meantime, I will be sharing some short stories. In this blog, I will talk about the writing process, about the ups and downs, about anything that catches my attention throughout my day. Feel free to comment: I want to hear from you. Read more about me on my blog: Hello and welcome!
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2 Responses to Lifetime Sundays

  1. I too used to get caught up watching Lifetime movies on Sunday afternoons. As a man I used to avoid Lifetime like the plague, but I would spend Sunday afternoons at my mother’s house with my two older sisters, teenage niece and gay nephew and inevitably the TV would be glued to Lifetime and before you knew it, I would be into whatever movie was playing, no matter how bad the plot was. Til this day I sometimes find myself watching Lifetime instead of Spike or ESPN. Matter of fact, I am watching The Client List as I write this. Shhh… don’t tell anyone 🙂

    • Your secret is safe with me. LOL… Actually, growing up with 2 brothers, sundays were set on sports. As a result, my mom can tell you about any player, on any team, at any level. lol… I switched to Dominick Dunne’s Justice. I love mysteries.

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