April 13 Daily Prompt: Charitable

You’ve inherited $5 million, with instructions that you must give it all away — but you can choose any organizations you like to be the beneficiaries. Where does the money go?

First and foremost, I would give $1 million to New Face Foundation which is an organization still in the planning phases that I am starting. The earthquake in Haiti was devastating. It made a terrible situation even worse. It is getting better in some parts but so much more needs to be done. People are still living in tents and inhabitable conditions. Our goal is to provide education, meals and housing to groups of disadvantaged children in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. We want to also provide job training, skills and classes that would allow adults to get a job and provide for their own family.

I would set aside $1 million to help tackle other serious issues in the city through grants like the Clinton Initiative and Bill Funds. For example, fund efforts in establishing a hospital providing care to the community, participating in clean water, trash cleanup, reforestation and alternative green energy efforts, boost the economy to move the country forward and stop the destruction. The money deserves to go to the people, to help them help themselves.

I would give $500k to UNICEF for all the work they do around the world. I remember my mother working as a nurse educator for women and children and their families in rural areas in Haiti. They donated so much in material and items, including vaccinations, basic medications needed by children and women, breastfeeding campaign material to fight malnutrition, prevention of STDs, and more. She is my role model. One of my particular interest is the K.I.N.D. fund with Lawrence O’Donnell. I love to watch the amount grow.

I would give $500k to American Red Cross because they have been there for me and my family. We needed a nebulizer for asthma in our childhood to cut back on hospital visits. They assisted us. I needed food and shelter when the apartment building next to where I live went on fire while I was at work. I was fine, thankfully but the entire complex had to evacuate because our power and heat was turned off in the middle of the winter.

I would give $500k to Habitat for Humanity. I know a couple families who got their houses through them. It is inspiring to see former President Carter building houses in Haiti. I do want to volunteer as a Spring Break Alternative.

I would give $500k million to Swaziland Relief. I was invited by a personal friend to participate as an health care provider. I plan to join the team in a couple years. I always thought I would be involved in the Without Borders groups.

I would give the last million towards minority empowerment, enrichment and mentoring programs. I would give $250k to Boys and Girls Club. I volunteered there when I was in high school. I did homework with the kiddies before they were allowed to go play. I would love for them to get free snack and/or dinner there. I believe they keep so many children off the streets and out of the trouble. You can ask Denzel Washington or Michael Phelps Foundation. Another $250k would go to Big Brothers Big Sister as I am currently a mentor. My Little and I get along very well and we do so many activities together. I would give the last $500k to minority enrichment program to increase the involvement and advancement of minority men and women in the sciences and finances.

That is all for me. Have you heard of any of these groups? Anything you would done different? I am curious.

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