Great dentist visit

I spoke about scheduling my medical visits around my birthday this year. The dentist was the first one up. I know I just posted an unpleasant story about a dentist here but I want to believe those are rare, exceptional cases. I want to give you something fun instead.

I went to a new dentist this year for my routine check up. I love the area that I have chosen, it is a professional building. The office is nice, very clean, very well organized. Staff was extremely friendly. I was seen promptly. He has equipment that I have never seen before. It was all state-of-the-art. I am sure all of that probably costs an arm and a leg.

From my chair, I was watching a TV on the ceiling. No, it didn’t distract me, I was paying attention to everything but it was nice. He reviewed the xrays with me: he was looking at his computer and I was watching my screen up there.


I was getting daily headaches very recently and I felt pain on a tooth where I had a crown previously placed. Since the floss was getting caught in it, he suggested trying a new crown with a better fit. He had a computer program that made the mold 3-D, sent it to some machine that gave me a crown right there. I didn’t have to do the mold, wait for it to be sent out, shipped to the office come back and then have me come back. I am not familiar with none of the new technology but he explained everything and told me all about every step. I was impressed.


My headaches are gone. I do feel slight gum irritation so I know the gum is irritated in that area. I think it might all the removal of old crown and then putting the new one. I have an appointment with a periodontist this week for a consultation so I will ask him.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Do share your experiences. He is new to me but I really like him. I will be giving him a lot of my money over the next couple years. You will get details when I make my final decision.

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