New Hair Product: Coconut Milk

Two years ago, I stopped relaxing my hair in march and cut it all off in october. I just allowed it to grow naturally ever since. I started by using Shea Moisture. It left my hair soft, curly and hydrated. I loved my short curls and my hair looked great. However as my hair got longer, it started shrinking. I have nothing but a big afro. I am not yet able to do a ponytail. I am working on it.

While Shea Moisture helped me manage it, it was no longer curly and soft. I gave Kinky Curly a try. I liked it at first. I felt my hair was washed, squeaky clean and manageable. In the end, the conditioner did not work as well as Shea Moisture did for me. I did not feel that my hair was re-hydrated. It was clean but it felt dry. Detangling became a major task for me. I do not blow my hair after I wash them to keep the moisture in. I continued using the Shea Moisture conditioner and the daily moist spray. It made a big difference .

At my sister’s suggestion, I just switched to coconut milk. While washing my hair, it was so loosened that it was down my back. Usually, my hair shrivels up once in contact with water. I look bald. So already that is an improvement. I had no problem with detangling and braiding my wet hair before heading to bed. I shall unwrap and pick it out in a couple hours. We will see how it works. I have to say that right after I washed my hair, it was soft manageable. I hope it comes out great. I am a little anxious. I am trying to show up at church in my Sunday best after all!

What are you doing special for the Easter holiday? I cannot wait to see my niece rock her new Easter outfit. She is also attached to her wild sunglasses. lol… Otherwise, nothing special beside good old paper writing and studying on my plate for tomorrow.



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2 Responses to New Hair Product: Coconut Milk

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    Coconut oil is so good for your hair. I love using it!

    – KW

  2. Thanks for stopping by. It is part of my goil mixture. So good. I just started using the oil and daily mist. We’ll see how I like those.

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