Medical Visits Blitz

As much as my family and I are involved in the medical field, one of my least favorite things to do are going to a wellness visit. Some of my family are religious about that. I had an great aunt who was a hypochondriac. Every time I asked how she was, she was about to die or close. All my life. That screws you up as a kid. lol…

It does not matter if I see a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, dental hygienist or ophthalmologist. I like my team. I can safely say it is not a White Coat syndrome or anything. If I am sick, I know am sick. If I am not sick, I guess I’m afraid to find out something is wrong. Or it means I have to fill a bunch of prescriptions as needed that I didn’t use but expired. My physician just reminded me I should feel lucky and be grateful about that fact. And I am.

I understand the necessity and the importance of routine check ups. I do actually get them done. I tend to procrastinate when it is time to schedule them though. Once it is scheduled, I will follow through and make it there.

In the state of Florida, your registration is due in your birth date so you would not forget. You know what? I found that it works for me too. I started scheduling my wellness checkups around my birthday. Once the date comes up, I remember the panel. If I must return in 6 months, it would land in September which is usually the fall season. Fall means the start of a new semester, a new beginning so I will remember.

My birthday just passed. During this spring break, I scheduled the routine visits to my medical panel. March & September. I can definitely handle that.

Update: you can read about my dentist visit.


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