American Airlines Boarding Experiment

I just saw this NBC News post American Airlines boarding experiment rewards fliers without carry-ons. When I first posted about the carry-on issue here, I didn’t realize it was an industry problem. It was simply my observation and inconvenience as a traveler. I am happy to know that is a problem that airliners are actively trying to fix. It is an unnecessary delay.

In an attempt to find a solution, American Airlines is testing the boarding passengers without carry on luggage right after first class, before the rest of the economy class. I say this will save time from having all these people lined up and trying to find that spot that will fit their carry on luggage.

Consumers will now face the decision of checking in for a fee or bring a carry on and wait a little while longer to board. Given the economy, I would personally wait a little longer. The plane is not gonna leave without me because I am already at the gate. Plus, seats are already assigned so it’s not like I will have to hunt a good spot on board. It is not enough of an incentive for me to fork extra money over to the airliner. I am sorry but it will not work for me.

Given the positive view of Southwest and its popularity due to their free luggage, I say other airlines should go back to that and keep track of delays and consumer satisfaction. Again, suitcase recovery should be speedy to make it work for the best interest of the airliner and consumer satisfaction. Follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook as I will post more updates and share the drama of my return flight 🙂


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