Is Any Publicity Good Publicity?

Mr Chris Brown is in the news once again.

Let me start from the beginning. Way back when he was first popular, I was a fan of the new kid. I loved his music, his dance moves rocked, his story compelling. He was doing great. That was until he met Rihanna. I have nothing against her, I listen to her music. She’s very talented, beautiful young lady. She works her butt off, sells millions every year. She donated $1.75 million to a children hospital in Barbados in honor of her grandmother. But her vulgarity, her tattoos and nudity are not for me. Again just personal preference.

Honestly, I will not sit there and judge their relationship. I’m against domestic violence. It angered me that he spoke of witnessing his own mother being abused as an adult and being involved in domestic violence as an adult. Because she didn’t want to admit the so-called abuse incident happened nor call for help, I really thought it was just some dominatrix crazy sex thing gone wrong at first. Then he had his day and court and it all played out and he was handed his punishment. I was happy she finally let him go. I thought they were gonna rebuild their lives and move forward, leaving the past in the past. However, it appeared that both lost their way. Time after time, they make headlines with some kind of drama. Rather we like it or not, we support it or not, I knew they were gonna get back together. It was inevitable.

And now this new headline. TMZ posted the video –> spectacle.

Did Chris Brown really do that for $10? By now, he should know how to act in public. If you don’t agree with the charge, discuss it man to man. Is this an evidence of anger management.  Didn’t he take classes for that? Plus, wasn’t he in an altercation recently over parking? Or is it a publicity stunt?

With Rihanna back in his life, I thought he was gonna calm down with all that mess. RiRi has not been out there with some drama headline recently. I admit that I still like his music but I will not say that out loud lol… I just wish he gets his act together and becomes a role model because he is such a great artist. We all have our own demons. I hope he takes control over his. It’s not pretty. I know we must grow up but I didn’t see this in the young man who made me dance.

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3 Responses to Is Any Publicity Good Publicity?

  1. Marloue says:

    I know a lot of people still like this guy,unfortunately i can t stand the guy.. i m sorry

    • I am not gonna bash him. I like his music. I heard he gave a recent interview about himself, Rihanna, etc. I think, I am not sure. I have not been paying attention to him… Before I post anything about Hollywood, it’s already old news. The news moves so fast!

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