The Oscars 2013

Every year, the entertainment industry from directors to screenwriters to actors receive their report card in the form of the Academic Awards now officially called the Oscars. It gives the celebrities a chance to dress up and tap each other on the back. I am well aware that many different people in different positions contribute to the success of a film. For example, the set designers, the costume designers, the soundtrack personnel, the marketing and advertising teams, the financiers, they all must do their part. Over the years, I have seen amazing films who didn’t make become a blockbuster just like I have seen obscure films win awards. I prefer a good book over a movie any day. The last movie I saw was The Hunger Games so I am far behind in that category.

But like everyone else, I look forward to the key categories: best actor, best actress and movie of the year. I love music so I look forward to any performances and I watch the soundtrack category. I didn’t have a chance to watch the entire show but Adele and Jennifer Hudson clips I have seen were absolutely amazing.

I watch the awards for the fashion and the surprises. Oscars 2013 did not disappoint in either. The designers went out of their way to be memorable this year. One of the first pictures I saw was Kelly Rowland. I was not a fan of the bust of her gown but I loved the color, the hair, the entire ensemble. Halle Berry looked great but not a wow for me this year. My girl Kerry Washington was stunning, along with Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Hudson. I absolutely adore them.

I don’t like elegant gowns with mountains and mountains of fabric like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence. The latter proved why. I do love her as an actress though. And I like a color that pops on your particular skin tone so that is why I didn’t like Anna Hathaway too much. The pale pink blanted with her skin tone.

The surprise award goes to Michelle Obama. Who knew the first lady was so hip? Much like the rest of the world, I did not have any clue that she was gonna be participating. Rather she should have been there or not is none of my concern. Her dress was simple, elegant and tasteful. I have to admit, she is in better shape than I am. It is time for me to start moving again.

20130302-213034.jpgPic: Courtesy of White House Facebook page.

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